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Bareboat Mexico Cruises: Seeing Mexico in Style

30 Jun
bareboat Mexico

Hussong's Cantina is a "must see" on your bareboat Mexico cruise.

Dreaming of a bareboat Mexico cruise? If you haven’t heard of bareboat cruising, it can be a great alternative to the “big box” cruise outfits. Picture this: You’ve wanted to see Mexico for years, and you’ve finally booked a cruise on one of those mammoth ships. After sleeping in a stateroom the size of a closet for days, you finally reach your first port of call. You head out to explore the local scenery, but guess what? You have to be back at the ship in 6 hours, so you can head off to your next destination.

With a bareboat Mexico cruise, you won’t be herded around and given a schedule. You’ll get to spend as much time in Mexican ports of call as you want. Want to spend an extra day relaxing in Zihuatanejo? Itching to soak in the Mayan ruins? You can do it on a bareboat Mexico cruise.

Here are just a few of the colorful, exciting ports of call you can visit:

  • Ensenada: When you choose to visit Ensenada as a destination on your bareboat Mexico cruise, you can kick back at Hussong’s Cantina, a mainstay of the peninsula since 1892. You’ll also find stretches of peaceful white sand beaches and waterfront restaurants. Between trips to the beach, you can visit the peninsula’s wineries or browse the stalls at more than 100 clothing, jewelry and souvenir shops.
  • Matzalan: If you like beaches, you’ll love Matzalan. This is the largest city on Mexico’s west coast, and it offers miles of calm sandy beaches. While you’re here, check out the 15 mile long carnival, play a round or two of golf or watch swan divers leap from the rocky oceanside cliffs. Venture beyond the tourist attractions and you’ll find the old restored city with its gothic architecture and towering cathedral.
  • Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo: If you’re in the mood for a low-key stop, head for the towns of Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Ixtapa offers plenty of laid-back bars and scenic golf courses, while Zihuatanejo is lined with cobblestone streets and art galleries. Snorkeling and diving are popular activities here. While you’re in Zihuatanejo, head to the El Faro lighthouse, where you can see the sun set over the majestic Sierra Madres.

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Bareboat New Zealand: The Best Way to Explore

28 Jun
bareboat New Zealand

Your bareboat New Zealand cruise can take you to natural wonders

Your bareboat New Zealand cruise will let you see some of the most beautiful sights in the world, from unspoiled beaches to centuries-old architecture. You can also experience the unique culture of the Maori, New Zealand’s indigenous people. From modern cities to primitive villages, there’s something for everyone in New Zealand, and you can enjoy it all on your bareboat New Zealand tour.

  • Auckland: This is the largest city in New Zealand, and the biggest Polynesian city in the world. Four miles north of the city, you can enjoy Takapuna, Auckland’s beach area. For upscale shopping, head for the Queen Street market area, or stroll through Victoria Park Market for food and crafts in a European-style village setting. Auckland also offers plenty of art galleries and antiques shops. Outside the city, you can explore the rural life of New Zealand sheepherders.
  • Christchurch (Lyttelton): This town offers European charm in the South Pacific. The River Avon winds through manicured English gardens and European-style streets. If a trek through nature is more your speed, you can head out to the Orana Park Wildlife Trust or take a countryside tour of the rolling hills outside Christchurch. Don’t forget to stop by the Canterbury Museum and Botanical Gardens before you continue on your bareboat New Zealand cruise.
  • Queen Charlotte Sound: If you want to get away from the tourist areas of New Zealand, sail to Queen Charlotte Sound, which is in the northern part of New Zealand. There is a 40-mile walking track that offers plenty of photo opportunities along New Zealand’s coastal forest. The deep waters surrounding Queen Charlotte Sound are also great for sea kayaking.
  • White Island: Another great choice for adventurous bareboat New Zealand cruisers. Located on the northeast side of New Zealand, White Island is one of the country’s most active volcanoes. Trekking across White Island can provide you with spectacular views and plenty of photo fodder, but keep in mind that some areas are restricted.
  • Bay of Islands (Bay of Isles): Located on the north side of New Zealand, this is a perfect destination if you’re interested in maritime history. You can encounter rare sea life and immerse yourself in Maori culture. This is also a great place to fish, swim with dolphins, hike or golf.

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Bareboat Cruises: Your Ticket to the World

24 Jun
bareboat cruises

Bareboat cruises let you see the world on your terms.

Bareboat cruises provide a unique vacation experience for people who want more from a vacation. Most cruise vacationers only get to spend a few hours at each port of call, so they’re limited to the “tourist traps” – the attractions designed to make money, rather than to provide an authentic cultural experience. Some people are fine with a canned cruise experience… but if you’re not one of those people, bareboat cruises offer another option.

It also lets you pass on the destinations you aren’t interested in. Want to visit the Virgin Islands, but prefer to skip the throngs of tourists in Charlotte Amalie? With bareboat cruises, there’s no need to suffer the souvenir shops and Americanized dining options. Instead, you can spend your time scuba diving, hiking along spectacular cays or simply soaking up the Caribbean sun on a pristine white beach.

What’s a bareboat cruise? Rent a yacht, load it up with your friends or family members, stock it with your favorite meals, snacks and games, and head off to the vacation destination of your choice. While you’re there, you visit the ports you want to see, stay as long as you like, and see the sights like few people can.

But aren’t bareboat cruises expensive?

No! Bareboat cruising can be a cost-effective way to take the vacation of your dreams. Since you can split the cost of the yacht rental with your friends or family members who will be joining you, you can have a unique cruising experience for about the cost of a “canned” cruise. The only difference is that you’ll have a much more enjoyable vacation experience.

Ready to start looking for bareboat cruises? Just get in touch with a DTS Travel expert by filling out the contact form, and you’ll be on your way to your freestyle vacation experience!

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Bareboat Virgin Islands – Your Vacation, Your Way

22 Jun
Bareboat Virgin Islands

A bareboat Virgin Islands cruise lets you explore paradise your way.

A bareboat Virgin Islands cruise gives you a different way to explore the U. S. Virgin Islands. You won’t be stuck dealing with someone else’s schedule, and you won’t have to miss out on those out-of-the-way sights because you ran out of time. Your bareboat Virgin Islands cruise lets you explore these beautiful islands at your leisure, so if you want to spend an entire day lounging on the beach or bar hopping, there’s no one to stop you.

So just what can you see while on your bareboat Virgin Islands adventure?

  • Charlotte Amalie: St. Thomas, just 40 miles from Puerto Rico, is a popular cruise ship destination, so it’s naturally the most developed of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Charlotte Amalie, the principal city of St. Thomas, offers a variety of Indian and Danish influences, and is rich in pirate lore. The tropical climate makes Charlotte Amalie a prefect destination for relaxing on the beach and enjoying cool ocean breezes.
  • Christiansted: This town, located on St. Croix, can be a fantastic cultural stop along your bareboat Virgin Islands adventure. The islanders have preserved the 18th century Danish buildings, which were built by African slaves. Mingle with the locals as you stroll along the cobblestone streets, or take a walking tour on the waterfront. You’ll also find several scuba shops in Christiansted, which is perfect for your diving adventure off the coast of this island paradise. Another wonderful experience is the Cruzan rum factory, which is a short drive from Christiansted.
  • St. John: Although there are a few cities on this island, over 60 percent of its land area is covered by a national forest. St. John is an ideal choice for your bareboat Virgin Islands vacation is you want to get away from the tourists and the busy activity of the other islands. Hiking, eco-tours, watersports and snorkeling are popular activities. St. John offers a chance to unwind and enjoy the island’s lush vegetation, stunning beaches and spectacular cays.

Starting your bareboat Virgin Islands tour couldn’t be easier – just fill out the contact form, and a DTS Travel expert will help you design your escape to paradise!

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Your Bareboat Croatia Cruising Adventure

21 Jun
bareboat Croatia

Visit Dubrovnik on your bareboat Croatia cruise.

A bareboat Croatia cruise is an excellent way to see a part of southeastern Europe that most people will never see. The beautiful country of Croatia is south of Slovenia and Hungary, and northwest of Bosnia and Montenegro. There are several seaside destinations you can explore while bareboat cruising along the Adriatic Sea:

  • Dubrovnik: This ancient city was built on maritime trade, and is reputed to rival Venice in both beauty and culture. You can enjoy the stunning architecture of the city’s monasteries, museums, churches and fountains, as well as the relaxing atmosphere of Lapad and Banje beaches. Walk atop the famed city walls that have surrounded Dubrovnik for centuries. While you’re in Dubrovnik, take some time away from your bareboat Croatia tour to visit little-known destinations such as the Elaphiti Islands, the Peljesac peninsula, Korcula Island and the Konavle Valley.
  • Zadar: This peninsula town was once a Roman colony, and at different points in history was ruled by the Turks, Austrians, Italians and Germans. The city is filled with cafes and bars that sit alongside historical wonders, offering an intriguing mixture of the old and the new. While you’re here, be sure to see the ancient ruins dating back to the city’s Roman rule, as well as St. Donat church, which features Byzantine-style architecture. Like Dubrovnik, Zadar is surrounded by imposing walls – don’t miss these photo opportunities! Also, make time to see The Gold and Silver of Zadar, the city’s permanent collection of church art.
  • Split: Often called “the capital of Dalmatia,” Split evokes the essence of the Mediterranean. While on your bareboat Croatia cruise, you can stop to soak in the sun and watch the locals on the Promenade, stroll through the fish market and amble through the Pjaca market area. The city is known for vibrant nightlife and busy streets, so you’ll never be at a loss for people-watching opportunities. Don’t miss the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, which houses writings, stone fragments, tombstones and other relics from Croatia’s colorful past.

Ready to embark upon your bareboat Croatia adventure? Just fill out the contact form, and DTS Travel will help you plan the adventure of a lifetime!

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Bareboat Australia Cruising: Experiencing the Outback and Beyond

21 Jun
bareboat Australia

Explore the Outback and more on your bareboat Australia adventure

A bareboat Australia cruise gives you the opportunity to experience the Outback on your own terms. You’re the captain of the ship, so you can decide which ports of call you want to visit, and how long you want to stay. There are numerous destinations in Australia and nearby New Zealand where you can soak in the local culture, relax along the water’s edge or explore breathtaking scenery. Here are just a few of the sites you can visit on your bareboat Australia cruise:

  • Brisbane: This is Australia’s third largest metropolitan area, and the city offers a lively nightlife and arts scene. Brisbane is home to the famed Gold Coast beaches, where you can soak in the sun and dine at oceanside restaurants. While you’re in Brisbane, be sure to check out the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary, which boasts the world’s largest collection of koalas.
  • Hobart: This city is the capital of Tasmania, a small island just south of Australia. There are many cultural attractions here, including the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the colonial village of Battery Point. You can also tour the ruins of Port Arthur, a legendary penal colony. If your bareboat Australian adventure takes you to Hobart, be sure to stop for a wine tasting or spend some time in the city’s colorful pubs.
  • Sydney: While Sydney is well known as a cosmopolitan city, full of arts, opera houses and unparalleled dining, this city also offers expansive beaches and other natural wonders. The Blue Mountains offers stunning rock formations, seemingly bottomless canyons and breathtaking waterfalls. This is a “must see” destination on your bareboat Australia cruising tour.
  • Tauranga: If you have a couple of extra days on your bareboat Australia adventure, you could do far worse than Tauranga, a New Zealand city once visited by Captain Cook. Tauranga means “sheltered waters” in Maori, and is an appropriate name for a town that offers deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, water skiing and other water sports along its tucked-away waters. You will also find natural mineral springs, which are reputed to have healing powers.
  • Akaroa: This New Zealand town is perched on a volcano along the island’s eastern coast. You will find a mix of British, French and Maori culture in the town’s cafes, galleries and restaurants. Akaroa’s bay area is an excellent place to spot fur seals, penguins and dolphins. Hiking and mountain biking are other popular activities in Akaroa.

Ready to travel “down under” without the hassles of traditional cruising? Our DTS Travel experts can make your bareboat Australia cruising dream a reality. Just fill out the contact form, and we’ll help you get started right away!

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Bareboat Caribbean Cruising – The Eastern Caribbean

17 Jun
bareboat Eastern Caribbean

St. Thomas is just one possibility for your bareboat Caribbean adventure

A bareboat Caribbean cruise is the perfect way to see the Eastern Caribbean, free from the constraints of “standard” cruise packages. You won’t have anyone telling you what you can and can’t see, or how long you can stay at one destination. There’s no rush, so you can enjoy your favorite ports of call as long as you like.

Where can your bareboat Caribbean cruise take you? Here are just a few of the many options:

  • Bahamas: Most cruise travelers only get to see bits of Grand Bahama Island or Nassau. While these are fantastic destinations, filled with the culture, food and scenery the Bahamian Islands are known for, there are numerous other options for bareboat Caribbean cruise travelers. For example, the Exumas, which are south of Grand Bahama along the Tropic of Cancer, are home to the private residences of stars like Johnny Depp and Faith Hill. Cat Island, about 130 miles from Nassau, offers shark diving, regattas and nature hiking. And in Rum Cay, about 185 miles from Nassau, is a 45 square mile jewel studded with historical ruins and coral reefs.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands: While on your bareboat Caribbean adventure, explore the U.S. Virgin Islands, which feature remarkable ecodiversity in a laid-back setting. For a cosmopolitan vibe, check out St. Thomas, the most developed of the Virgin Islands. Tiny St. Croix packs desert landscapes, rainforests and architectural wonders into its compact land mass. Hiking and snorkeling are favorite activities on St. John, the least developed of the U.S. Virgin Islands. And Water Island, the newest addition to the Virgin Islands, is an unspoiled tropical playground with a population of less than 500.
  • Puerto Rico: Where else can you visit a 15th century Spanish fort and then relax in an upscale nightclub – in walking distance of each other? Puerto Rico is a sometimes confusing mix of the old and the new – but that’s precisely why this country is a “must see” destination for your bareboat Caribbean cruise. While you’re here, be sure to visit some of the picturesque beaches, offshore coral reefs and caves for some amazing photo opportunities.

Need help planning your bareboat Caribbean experience? Fill out the contact form, and our DTS Travel experts will help you design the vacation of a lifetime!

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Bareboat Caribbean Cruises Along the Western Caribbean

16 Jun
bareboat Caribbean

Bareboat Caribbean cruises are a relaxing way to see the Western Caribbean.

Bareboat Caribbean cruises can provide you with unparalleled adventure… and if you have a couple of weeks to travel, you can enjoy the sights of the Western Caribbean on your rented yacht or other vessel. The Western Caribbean offers plenty of time at sea, along with a variety of diverse destinations.

If you’re tired of the big cruise lines that usher you through tourist traps and tack on all kinds of extra fees for services you don’t want, a bareboat Caribbean cruise just might be the vacation experience you have been looking for!

Here is just a sampling of the Western Caribbean destinations you can visit while on your bareboat Caribbean cruise:

  • Cozumel: This Mexican coastal city might be crowded beyond belief during Carnival season, but during the rest of the year, there are plenty of spots to unwind without having to deal with wall-to-wall tourists. Try scuba diving along the Great Mayan Reef, stroll through the lush gardens at Chankanaab or visit the ancient Mayan temples dedicated to Ixchel, the fertility goddess. Don’t forget to sample the local cuisine and mingle with local couples and families on Sunday nights in the Plaza Central of San Miguel.
  • Costa Rica: Have you ever seen the rainforest whizzing by as you ride a zip line along the canopy? You can do it in Costa Rica. This country is an eco-tourism paradise. Take a break from your bareboat Caribbean cruise to kayak along challenging rivers, hike through the rainforest or watch the dolphins play while digging your toes into pristine white sand. When it’s time for creature comforts, relax at one of Costa Rica’s luxury spas.
  • Dominican Republic: If you’re looking for a mixture of urban pleasures and relaxing beaches, you could do far worse than the Dominican Republic. The larger cities offer a wealth of art, cultural and historical attractions, while the shoreline provides plenty of opportunities to slow down and enjoy a bit of tropical paradise. The Dominican Republic is also known for water sports – you can enjoy water surfing, fishing, kayaking and other activities. While you’re here, take a canyon hike, climb Pico Duarte (the highest mountain in the Caribbean) or enjoy a round of golf at one of the Dominican Republic’s picturesque courses.
  • Key West: Ah, but where is that lost shaker of salt? A favorite destination for Parrot-heads and laid-back vacationers, this low key destination will help you quickly understand the meaning of “island time.” Just make sure you book your restaurant reservations well in advance – the oceanfront venues are often filled to capacity. While you’re here, make sure to visit the Key West Aquarium, where you can feed the sharks and see stingrays up close.

There’s no better time to plan your bareboat Caribbean adventure! DTS Travel is here to help with all of the details – simply fill out the contact form, and you’ll be on your way to planning your Western Caribbean cruise vacation!

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Set off on your Bareboat Bahamas Cruise

15 Jun
bareboat bahamas

Enjoy sun and sand on your bareboat Bahamas cruise.

A bareboat Bahamas cruise is the perfect choice for people who love the laid-back atmosphere of the Bahamas islands, but who want to set their own schedule and enjoy cruising at their leisure. If you’re in the United States, it’s a great way to get away without a long flight. You can leave from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or a number of other nearby ports, and sail to the Bahamas in about 8 hours.

So what can you see on your bareboat Bahamas cruise?

  • Check out the straw market at Grand Bahamas Island. Here, you can have your hair braided, buy souvenirs and mingle with the locals in one of the world’s largest outdoor markets.
  • While you’re on Grand Bahama Island, take in an ecotour. You’ll see the island’s mangroves and wetlands, and you might even spot some of the more than 700 bird species native to the Bahamas.
  • About an hour away from Grand Bahama Island, your bareboat Bahamas cruise can take you to Nassau, where you can go snorkeling, stroll through the Botanical Gardens or enjoy some of the local cuisine. Don’t forget to try the conch, a shellfish that features prominently in Bahamian dishes from pizza to salads. Nassau is known as “Paradise Island” for good reason – you’ll also find miles of pristine beaches where you can stretch out and enjoy the warm Caribbean sun with a tall Bahama Mama, the signature rum drink of the Bahamas.
  • Continue your bareboat Bahamas cruise adventure to Andros Island, where you can see the world’s third-largest barrier reef. Andros Island is an ideal escape from the tourist attractions of Grand Bahama and Nassau – here, you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, and simply lounging on unspoiled beaches while you listen to the ocean lap against the shore.
  • Head over to the Berry Islands, where you can walk for miles without ever seeing another person. These islands are made up of only a combined 12 square miles of land, but they offer over 30 spectacular cays and some of the best sport fishing in the Caribbean.

At DTS Travel, we can help you arrange your ideal bareboat Bahamas cruise vacation. Just fill out the contact form and start planning your cruise today!

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27 Knots On A Cruising Sailing Boat

15 Jun